второй успевает перекреститься, кажется, сгруппироваться.
I need an airbag
Before I hit the great sadness that approaches
On nights that I don't want to go home,
The taxi driver only avoids the shortcuts
On the radio, the DJ and the guests who laugh too easily just talk
They don't play music and the conversation gets longer
Usually, I don't like listening to that so I would've asked to change the station
But whatever, there isn't a song that I want to listen to anyway
They keep blabbing so my thoughts are on mute
Laughter bursts from words that I don't pay attention to
Seeing as how even the stone-faced taxi driver starts to laugh
I guess it's a popular saying that is trending these days
Perhaps I'm the only island
Afterwards, someone introduces a requested song
A sad song that I used to really like at one point
I wonder if that person is alone as well
In a place where a long day can rest
There are so many things to take care of these days
I can't even get properly drunk
But it's not like I avoid drinking sessions
Maybe it's because I don't want to be alone
Or is it because I want it to be obvious that I want to be alone?
Lonliness is a common thing to me
Will I be able to share myself if there was someone by my side?
It's a question mark that I don't want to place at the end
But to my relief, I hear a loud voice on the phone
I guess the taxi driver's plans for drinking have been canceled
He hangs up the phone and grumbles, as if he's mad
My eyes linger on the family photo taped above the meter
I wonder if the reason for this wandering is because
There is no home, or there is nowhere to go
Or is it that there are lots of places to go
But no one to wait for me?
I'm dangerous right now
I'm dangerous right now
Don't crash into me
I don't know since when it started to fall
But at some point, I look out the window
And as if it's been raining for a while,
There are puddles on the street floor
Reflected in those puddles, I see a neon billboard for car accidents
Right then, why am I remembering you, who is probably doing well right now
Why are tears forming?
The number "1" next to the word "Death:" seems so lonely
On this night where I long for you
The rain comes and my heart gets slippery
I need you, yes I need you, my airbag
I guess I'm all alone again
I guess I'm all alone again
I guess I'm all alone again
Once again
I guess I'm all alone again
I guess I'm all alone again
I guess I'm all alone again
Not again

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